Emma Mawdsley Tutoring

Boosting your child's confidence

How can tutoring help your child?
You might be concerned that your child is struggling at school or falling behind in a particular subject. I can offer one to one private tuition to support and help them gain the confidence they need to succeed.

If your child is aiming for a place at a competitive independent school at 7+, 11+ or 13+, I can help prepare them for the exam process in both English and Verbal Reasoning so that they approach the exam with the right skills under their belt. 
Holiday sessions can be a great idea to keep the momentum of learning going; particularly during the long summer break.
Perhaps your child just needs a short term boost in a particular skill or topic area, such as Times Tables . One to one tuition can focus on exactly what your child needs in order to progress.

If your child already has a strength or talent in English but needs more stimulation than their busy classroom can offer them, I can give them the individual attention they need to extend their knowledge and help them reach their potential.

Some children also benefit from having a tutor to help them with homework, reading or projects that they cannot find time for at home.

I can also offer an assessment service in Reading and Spelling so you can find out what level your child is working at and address their needs in a specific manner. 
I have experience of working with children who have specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia and can thus make activities well- structured and practical to suit their learning styles. 

Whatever your child's individual needs, please contact me to discuss how I can help them succeed and make progress with their learning.